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Pro-God: My Faith in Jesus Christ is  my highest value & commitment. I love to talk about Jesus-anywhere & anytime. One of my favorite things is being a Sunday School Teacher for the last 35+ years, the Children I teach will be our Leaders someday, they are our future & teaching the next generation is paramount.

Pro-Life & Family: Married to the beautiful  love of my life-Sue. We have 3 Children, Jennifer, Paul, & Josiah. One of the main reasons I am running, I see our Children's Freedoms being taken away at an alarming rate. We need Innovative ways to reclaim our Freedoms. Being your Voice  at the Capital as your Representative is one way I can speak  Freedom. Son of Victor & Joan Kern, I am #7 out of their 14 Children. Raised to be Pro-Life & Pro-Family as God Designed it-to the core.

Pro-Election Integrity: An advocate for ENFORCEMENT of Laws already on the books protecting your sacred Vote, protection that did not happen November 3rd,2020. Your Freedom was not free & neither was your Right to Vote. We must have Secure, Honest & Fair Elections.

Pro-Law Enforcement: I remember Mom's old saying, " If you do the Crime, you do the time!" Seems like a lifetime since we have heard this saying-has only been 2 years....We do NOT Re-imagine or Re-invent Policing, WE SUPPORT,HONOR & ENFORCE. I am amazed how people are shocked at crime spiking when we took away Honor & Funding from our Law Enforcement.

Pro-Military: I have 3 nephews who have joined the Military since February 2022, many Family members have served & are serving. Peace through Strength-We must have a strong Military.

Pro-Gun: Dad taught me how to use a gun when I was 12. I am Blessed he taught me, "Gun control is about using BOTH hands & being steady." The NRA loved Dad almost as much as I & my Family does.

Pro-Education: Teach AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM and we will NOT have our Children thinking they are victims, but Blessed to be Free. CRT/EQUITY teaching creates racism & a victimhood mentality.

Pro-Medical Freedom: Your Body, Your Choice-and those Choices to vaccinate or use a drug like Ivermectin, should ONLY be made between you & your Doctor. I have joined many rallies in the last 2 years to bring attention to losing this liberty/freedom. Nurses going from Hero's to Zero's is appalling -I stand with my Sisters & ALL Nurses for Freedom of Choice.

Pro-Business: I have 3, and have been serving the Lakes Area for over 35 years. 

Currently we are waiting for the "Walz Emergency Powers" to be lifted June 1st,2022. It is a common belief the mandates are over, because Walz eased up on the Emergency Gas Pedal. Truth is: we could be put back into a lockdown at anytime Walz deems appropriate and without Legislative approval. 

This is Unacceptable and a grave concern for ALL Business in Minnesota.

Pro-Serving: I am currently serving multiple terms on 4 Elected Boards in the Brainerd Lakes Area. CWT,CWATO,Region 5,GLAR Government Affairs.  Crow Wing County Republican Party Chair for 14+ years. I believe it is our duty to serve our Communities.

This is who I am, and I look forward to serving Your Family like I would serve my  own at the Minnesota Capital- House Seat 6B. 

I will be Your Voice at the Capital to invoke Positive & Effective Change in Minnesota. 

I am asking for your Vote August 9th in the Primary!

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